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Brazos largos [] Long arms

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa [] vintage home decor

Una de esas campañas de publicidad que son puro arte. Qué imaginación, por favor. Esta en concreto fue para el periódico sudafricano Cape Times y se tituló : no puedes estar más cerca de la noticia (You can t get any closer to the news) para mostrar que sus fuentes de información son de primera mano. Ay, qué sería ya de nuestras vidas sin el fotoshó. [] One of this marketing campaings that becom

Baño con decoración artesanal.

Arquitectura de Casas

Decoración Un cuarto amplio que se expande además con las imágenes en colores. Asombra y fascina, mientras rinde tributo a un grupo musical mítico. Se trata de una despliegue de imaginación y sentido artístico más allá de lo esperable. Este cuarto de baño es un escenario psicodélico.Revise otros diseños de cuartos de baño, con artesanía y decoración original, siga este enlace.Un baño decorado con

DIY Plywood Christmas Card Holder


Christmas is close, and we continue to present the easiest and most interesting crafts for this holiday. To display your cards or maybe create an advent calendar, you will need: a jigsaw, masking tape, grit sandpaper, plywood, a pencil, a leather cord, metal tacks or nails, a hammer and a ruler. Along one edge of the plywood board, make a small pencil mark at 20 inches, while along the opposite ed

Decorar un salón shabby chic

Decoración 2.0 » , Decoración 2.0

Ya te hemos contado sobre el estilo decorativo denominado shabby chic. Una combinación de tonalidades de color pastel y motivos florales, que en los últimos años se ha puesto muy en boga. Es una decoración de interiores, que resulta perfecta para casi cualquier área de la casa y que se traduce en ambientes acogedores y románticos que  a todos gustan.Usualmente se usan bellas tonalidades del rosa y

Skate Collective - Portal de decoración

Reinventando la tradicional tienda de skate, Stone Designs quiso que tuviera una identidad muy marcada y diferente a las que existen actualmente.Para conseguir el efecto buscado pero sin perder la identidad y la esencia del origen del skate, se apoy la idea en dos pilares claros: por un lado seguir utilizando el tablero contrachapado, icono y textura natural de cualquier skatepark junto al hormign

Weekly Wrap Up + D*S Social Media Team Member


Today Im back in Oregon for the second annual (yay!) Portland Bazaar, along with my buddies Greg Hennes and Matt Pierce and about 50 of Portlands best makers. Ive been looking forward to this event all year, but Ive been looking forward to making a new team announcement today, too. I can be like a stubborn dog sometimes when it comes to embracing technology. I tug at the leash and refuse to budge

Small Measures: Homemade Irish Cream


I came to alcohol a bit late. While I recall my mom sipping white wine, clad in skintight Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and listening to the Eagles circa 1981?1982, she eschewed the stuff completely shortly thereafter and has ever since. The diligent, studious type, I mostly steered away from alcohol until my early 20s. But a fateful encounter one December with a batch of homemade Irish cream proved to

Way, sistema de mesas modulares - Portal de decoración

WAY es un sistema de mesas modulares especialmente concebido para dar soluciones verstiles al exigente sector de la instalacin y el contract. Siendo las mesas tambin muy adecuadas para el equipamiento de hostelera incluso en espacios exteriores ya que todos los materiales que se emplean son inoxidables: aluminio, polipropileno, estratificado compacto y cristal.Se trata de un sistema de montaje int

In the Kitchen With: Pauline Boldt?s Cornmeal Cake with Candied Lemons


I met photographer and creative director Pauline Boldt virtually after we worked on the same photography project here in Rome. We didnt meet during the project; maybe we saw each other and never knew who the other was. When I finished my part, I went to the Slow Food Salone del Gusto in Piedmont, and Pauline went to Tuscany, where she produced the story behind this weeks Cornmeal Cake with Candie

2012 Gift Guide: Jewelry


This is our first-ever Design*Sponge jewelry gift guide, which is a little surprising since were pretty much jewelry fiends over here. And jewelry is actually one of my favorite things to give (and receive!). Its personal, fun and a little frivolous, like all the best gifts. Ive spent weeks shopping for jewelry for this guide, and Ive narrowed down my big list of jewelry finds to my 50 favorites.

Modern Living Rooms

Interior Design Ideas

Heres a splash of inspiration for your modern living spaces, fresh from a menagerie of exciting design talent. Ranging from calm and collected monochrome schemes, to cheerful setups filled with color blasts, there is sure to be something to float your boat!This muted scheme gives a sophisticated look, accented beautifully by bespoke library shelves fitted under the open plan staircase.The solid sc

Living Gifts: Terrarium Workshop


Now dont go away! We know that were all too familiar with the terrarium and its different types ? open or closed, in unique vessels, mini terrariums as hanging necklace pendants, etc. But we must admit that were still not sick of them. We believe they make wonderful gifts! And we love the thought of giving something that keeps giving; with just a little attention, these gifts can continue to grow

Scalextric en un vinilo

BAIRES Deco & Design ... Diseño de Interiores, Arquitectura y Decoración en un solo Sitio!

Está de moda eso de losvinilos para la pared, gracias a los cuales puedes hacer cosas como poner unScalextricen los muros de tu habitación. Los que recientemente hayan decorado su dormitorio mediante un vinilo habrán visto que existen cientos de diferentes diseños. El de Scalextric es uno de ellos.En vez de darte el circuito completo y terminado te danpartes del circuito. Por ejemplo, en el pack b

DIY Vintage Stockings Garland


Stockings for treats are an amazing tradition! Let?s use this idea in a pretty vintage garland. You?ll need some string or twine, a stapler, buttons, coordinating pattern paper, a glue stick or other type of adhesive, some pages from an old book. Using your book pages cut out however many rectangles youd like approximately 3.5 x 6 in size. Snip out a triangle shape from the bottom of your rectangl

Wooden Tiles by Moonish Co.


As a renter, the day when Ill be able to tile is always on my mind. I look at my current apartments pink and yellow tiles with glitter grout (oh yes, that exists) and loathe the fact that I can do nothing to change it. But one day that will change, and Im happily going to install something that is glitter-free and beautiful. Until that day, I continue to covet and hoard photos of pretty tiles like

Announcing the winner of a Claire Heffer pen and ink illustration!


Congratulations Chelsea!! - You were selected by ( selects a number at random) as the winner of a Claire Heffer drawing! Thanks to all for entering! I m announcing another amazing giveaway later today, so stay tuned!Check out Chelsea s amazing blog, Gardenia + Glam !



How To Make Simple Christmas Trivets


Trivets are always needed, it?s a perfect gift. You may use them as a wall art, a cute holiday cork board and heat trivets; you can give them as a gift. The supplies are 3 round cork trivets, acrylic paints and a brush, a multi-purpose sealer, a stencil and Mod Podge. Create your stencil and cover the trivets with a coat of Multi-Purpose Sealer to prepare the surface. Place the stencil onto the co

Dos sillas maravillosas y una mesa velador [] Two gorgeous chairs and a table

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa [] vintage home decor

A veces, cuando publico entradas en {love notes}, el blog de bodas de Vintage Chic siento un impulso irrefrenable de continuar publicando aquí... Esta es una de esas veces. El resto de fotos aquí. [] Sometimes, while posting in {love notes} the wedding blog of Vintage Chic, I can t help but keep on posting them also here. This time is one of them. More photos here.Foto [] Photos: Jennifer Tai vi

A fantastic $100 gift code giveaway to use at Novica!


If you re an armchair traveller, artisan lover, have an eclectic style, you are going to love this giveaway!! One lucky winner will be awarded a $100 gift code to use at Novica!!!To enter the contest, peruse the amazing, artistan made goods at Novica, then leave a comment on the post naming what item(s) you would get. About NovicaWe want to give artists and artisans around the world a global platf

Una jornada navideña - Portal de decoración

Navidad es ese tiempo de fiestas en el que todos tenemos ms tiempo libre que dedicar a nuestras aficiones favoritas, a pasarlo junto a las personas que queremos, a hacer las cosas que vamos acumulando porque no tenemos tiempo hoy vamos a imaginar cmo podra ser un da cualquiera, un da de esos en los que tenemos todo el tiempo para nosotrosThe White CompanyMuchas personas dedicarn las primeras horas