viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

10 Awesome Beach-Inspired Mirror Tutorials


If you have a holiday house, you definitely need some pretty sea-inspired or coastal decorative items, and one of them is a beach-inspired mirror to highlight the sea style. You can easily make one yourself, you?ll need just some sea shells, oyster shells or some other pieces like driftwood. Sea glass and coastal rope with starfish would look just amazing! Don?t forget to take much hot glue and a mirror of the shape you like. If you like, you may color the shells or just leave them as they are. Read the following tutorials and choose your idea!Similar Posts:DIY Shell Mirror19 Cute DIY Beach-Inspired Jewelry IdeasDIY Seashell Beeswax Tealights To Remember Summer7 Ideas Of Using Shells in Interior Decorating11 Beautiful DIY Beach-Inspired Candles And Candleholders5 Cool DIY Rope Wrapped Vases Continue reading about 10 Awesome Beach-Inspired Mirror Tutorials...



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