jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

3D Printed Version of Joy Division?s Unknown Pleasures Cover

Design Milk

People are 3D printing everything right now. Theyre working on food, jewelry, architecture, cars, clothing, and even guns (yikes). But who cares about that stuff when you can 3D print your own cover of Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures? Interaction Design Professor at Hof University Michael Zöllner has created his own 3D Printed Joy Division cover, but the best part is that hes posted the file for download in MakerBots Thingiverse so that you can make your very own copy, too. The iconic cover art was created in 1979 by Graphic designer Peter Saville. It is the visual depiction of the first pulsar signal ever recorded. Watch a great video with Peter where he talks about the explosion of the image as a part of pop culture history. Its the endless interpretations of this diagram that make it so powerful. [via Architizer and Animal]



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