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Book Review: Furniture Makeovers By Barb Blair


Im so happy today to tell you about my friend Barb Blair and her gorgeous new book, Furniture Makeovers. Ive been wanting to write about it for weeks but have been totally consumed with a project and when I write reviews, I dont want to put together something sloppy just to review something I really wanted this review to be from the heart since Barb is a super special lady.Barb and I met at my book signing in NYC back in 2012 for Decorate, she was very friendly and lovely just as I had expected through our numerous email exchanges prior to our in-person meet up. That is us shown below cuddling in my signing chair at Anthro. :)Weve known one another for years and Ive written about her furniture restoration numerous times because Im a big fan of her work. What this woman can do to furniture that is dying curbside is unbelievable, a book had to be born from her years of dedication and hard work as a furniture superhero.Furniture Makeovers, her debut title published by Chronicle Books (I wrote the foreword for this book of which I am eternally honored), is just lovely and super inspiring. In this book you will find 26 restoration techniques and 30 before-and-afters showing exactly how Barb added her magical touches. Since receiving it only two months ago, I had an idea to paint two pieces of furniture in my home and so when my friend Leslie was here recently, we got to work and painted both pieces so they now look stunning and lovely. So thanks for the inspiration Barb. I will show you these pieces in the future but I dont want to steal Barbs thunder this post is for her and about her but wow, to get a DIY book and actually be motivated enough to DO STUFF after reading it is sorta a miracle for me because I tend to flake out and not do the stuff I set out to do when it comes to furniture improvements. Barbs book was SO good though, SO helpful, SO inspiring and most of all, SO approachable that I HAD to DO something to my furniture when I finished her book. In fact, I have a few more pieces to paint Im on a roll, thanks to Furniture Makeovers!In this post, Ive shared some gorgeous photos from her recent book launch at her shop (held in early May) and studio space in South Carolina called Knack Studios. All of the photos from the book party were shot by Carlton Riffel and the beautiful image of the book was shot by her book photographer J. Aaron Greene. I love parties, especially ones that feel and look like this one Because it feels very welcoming and from the heart, just the way I like things to feel.I am so happy to see Barb shining in her photos above because a book launch party has to be one of the greatest professional experiences every its like a baby shower or wedding for your book and its such a special day that an author never, ever forgets. Ill never forget my launch parties nor do I forget those who attended them because they are just so cherished To write a book and see it published and in books stores is huge enough but to have launch parties and book signings my goodness, total ICING ON THE CAKE and all made possible by our wonderful online community of friends and shop owners and bloggers.Barb deserves every shout of praise and wonderful review for her book its by far a favorite on the decor8 bookcase! Congratulations Barb!(party images: carlton riffel)Content decor8. For personal, non-commercial use only (public syndication is not permitted). Feed ID: cdaa5590db8fca9e92d06113ccfa4e5eRelated posts:Furniture MakeoversBook Review: Life of a Bowerbird by Sibella CourtTable Style: Book Review



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