viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

Cartan Napkins


A few weeks ago I slid pretty hardcore back into my old latte + chocolate croissant routine. Id been so good for a long time, forgoing coffee for coconut water. My skin cleared up, I had more energy and I even started walking more. But then a few busy days turned into busy weeks and the next thing I knew I was pacing around outside of Troost before they opened like a crazy person, waiting for my sugar and caffeine fix. Ive given up trying to fix it for now, and instead and embracing my quiet morning coffee routine by looking at cloth napkins that make my drinks seem fancier. Nothing makes a morning routine feel quite as special as having a nice cup and napkin to dress things up. Well, flowers help, but theyre not always as affordable. These super colorful Cartan Napkins are at the top of my wishlist for napkins right now. Theyre bold, patterned and scream summer. Theyd be great for packing in a picnic to go, too. Click here to check out all the patterns offered and order online ($8 for set of 4 napkins).



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