viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

DIY Beach Ball Garland


If you are planning a beach party, you need some cool décor items, for example, garlands and lights. To make a colorful beach garland you?ll need smoothfoam balls, craft paint in colors of your choice, a paint brush, a pencil, painter?s tape, string or twine, a hot glue gun. Make a little mark with your pencil to divide each ball into six equal parts. Tape off one of those sections, running a piece of tape straight from your top marker down to the bottom point on each side of the section. Paint this section with your first color and let dry. Remove tape and repeat the process with the next two colors leaving a white section in between each. Put a small dot of hot glue on the top of each beach ball and place the string in it to secure. Cut your string, leaving length at the end to hang it and you are done!Similar Posts:DIY Clay Domino PendantComfortable DIY Ikat Beach BagDIY Halloween Ghost LightsDIY Pom Pom Ribbon Christmas TreeDIY Vintage Stockings GarlandDIY Vintage Halloween Garland With Bats And Pumpkins Continue reading about DIY Beach Ball Garland...



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