sábado, 15 de junio de 2013

DIY Stick Beach Plaque For Beach-Inspired Decor


Continuing the topic of beach parties décor, we?d like to tell you about a cool décor piece which is also suitable for beach décor and holiday homes. To make a stick beach plaque you?ll need craft sticks, glue and a paintbrush, pebbles, seashells and a starfish, sand. First paint the craft sticks then glue them all together. Use white craft glue to write the word ?beach? and gently press the pebbles into the glue. Apply and spread some glue with a paintbrush to the bottom of the plaque where you want the sand to be. Cover the glued area with sand and let sit for a few minutes before shaking off the excess. Glue seashells and a starfish to the bottom along the sand. Hang the plaque where you want and enjoy your cool work!Similar Posts:11 Beautiful DIY Beach-Inspired Candles And CandleholdersCoastal Inspired DIY Table DecorDIY Seashell Beeswax Tealights To Remember Summer19 Cute DIY Beach-Inspired Jewelry IdeasDIY Twigs Wall Art As A Spring Interior DecorationDecorating A Chair With Pebbles Continue reading about DIY Stick Beach Plaque For Beach-Inspired Decor...



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