jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

DIY Transparent Beach Tote


A beach tote is the first thing you need to go to the beach to carry all your belongings. A transparent bag automatically turns all your things into accessories also. To make it you?ll need window screen material, a piece of plastic for the bottom, a piece of oilcloth, bias tape, 15 cm zipper for the zippered pouch, leather strip for handles, rivets to attach handles, a hole punch, scissors, a sewing machine. At the short end of the window screen material, fold in 3 cm and fold over again. Use a bone folder to make the crease, if necessary. Secure with paperclips and top stitch into place. Repeat at the other short end, but now making sure to incorporate the zippered pouch, nicely centered. Secure with paperclips and top stitch into place again. The rest of the tutorial is here.Similar Posts:Classic DIY Pearl And Bow BraceletCheap DIY Sequin Clutch For Parties19 Colorful DIY Beach TotesDIY Colorful Felt Coasters As A Mothers Day GiftDIY Felt Pouch To Keep The Purse In OrderDIY Bag Paper Easter Basket Continue reading about DIY Transparent Beach Tote...



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