domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

Friday Five with Lars Tornøe

Design Milk

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany to Norwegian parents, designer Lars Tornøe graduated from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts and Design in 2006 and immediately started the successful design collaboration TveitTornøe. After designing furniture, lighting, and accessories for various companies, like Muuto, Materia, and Helland, he decided move on. While exhibiting work all over the world, he continues to design award-winning home furnishings with his own distinct Norwegian stamp on them. Lets see what inspires Tornøe in this weeks Friday Five. Photo by Lars Tornøe 1. Tree canopies What?s not to like? Especially after a long, Scandinavian winter it is such a pleasure to feel the temperature rise and see the fresh, green leaves emerge. They create the most beautiful spaces I can think of. Photo via Wikimedia Commons 2. Science Whether it is in articles, documentaries or photos, about biology, physics or engineering I love to learn about science. A source of endless inspiration and knowledge. Photo via Adam Bronstein 3. Workshop Making physical models and prototypes is essential when you?re doing products. It also gives me a lot of satisfaction to spend a day building something instead of working on the computer or having meetings. Currently I don?t have a workshop but this one would be excellent. Photo by Lars Tornøe 4. Sketching and music Goes hand in hand. I can do it for hours at a time. Photo via Magis Spa 5. Steelwood Chair from Magis This has been one of my favorites since it was launched. It is designed by the outrageously talented Bouroullecs and I love the idea behind the concept.



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