jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

How To Make A Succulent Centerpiece


Succulents are everybody?s love today! Let?s make a succulent centerpiece for any party or even a wedding reception table. The supplies are egg cups, succulents, Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paints, a small paint brush, and some thin masking tape. Put some masking tape onto the egg cups creating a nice straight line and paint above the line, let the paint dry and remove the tape. Take some potting mix made for cactus and succulents and put into the cups, add pebbles to provide drainage and then succulents. Voila, your centerpiece is ready, and you may choose different number of cups with different plants ? as you wish.Similar Posts:Charming Vintage Silver Garden Of SucculentsHow To Make A Leather Handle BoxDIY Wallpaper Mosaic To Decorate Your WallsHow To Grow A Succulent In A JarDIY Painted Coat RackSimple DIY Wood Slice Tray Continue reading about How To Make A Succulent Centerpiece...



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