domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

In Los Angeles: making a small space feel big


Prior to moving into this 900 square foot home with two bedrooms, Sunny Lee, director for Brand Strategy at Applied Storytelling, had lived in a one-bedroom bungalow for 7 years so she came into this new space in the Brentwood district in Los Angeles, California with practically no furniture. Her first priority was create as much space as possible. She took down walls and focused on buying or creating multi-functional furniture. This was also the first time Sunny threw out cardboard boxes. She planned to stay and wanted the place to feel lived in. To further enhance that lived-in quality, Sunny ended up buying a lot of pieces from eBay because she felt like used furniture has that immediate lived-in quality and she wanted her home to feel like a favorite shoe. Classic, comfortable, loved but with flair. Thanks, Sunny! And a big thank you to Bonnie Tsang for the lovely photos. -Amy Azzarito Image above: The condo is 900 sq feet. Small. There were walls dividing the kitchen and living room as well as built-in islands that made the space smaller. I removed the walls, island to open up the space and let the light brighten it up. I couldnt afford to do a complete redo of the kitchen so I kept fixtures in the same place, kept a few of the cabinets and had the 3 long shelves built behind the sink. Im lucky to have a friend in the cabinetry business (Hardwood Habitat). I went cheap on the counter with white corian but I went for stone tiles on the wall w/ dark gray grout. I painted the cabinets white but the inter edge in gold. Actually there are sprinkles of gold/brass throughout my place. A little sparkle/glamor never hurts. Image above: This room is my office. I work from home so I need a private area to take calls and lock myself away to concentrate. However the room also serves as a spare sleeping area. The couch is a mid-century modern piece that converts into a day bed. The paintings are mine. Working as a graphic designer,  there are few outlets of creativity that I actually completely own. These are my outlets. See more of Sunnys Los Angeles home after the jump! (more)



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