sábado, 15 de junio de 2013

In my dreams - Timber Windows


So, just recently I was told about timber windows, I ve bee admiring them all along, I just didn t know they were called timber windows, which I blame on my lack of an interior design education.I have a feeling that now that I know what they are called, I will be noticing them a whole lot more. My new found discovery also poses a BIG problem. Like all things of great beauty and quality...and therefore, expense - I want them!via blackthornetimber.comvia dreambookdesign.comI imagine that well made and maintained timber windows can outlast (and out-beautify!), any PVC window. Depending on the architecture of the rest of your home, they can add an old-world charm, or a clean and strong contemporary feel.via idealtimber.co.ukEven on an old home, brand new timber windows don t take away from the charm.via er-joinery.comCheck out the scalloped roof!!! Okay, focusing...via elwyns.comvia vithouse.comAfter a little reading, it looks like your biggest concern is the fact that wood contracts and expands, so managing humidity in the interior is important. Also, maintaining the windows exteriors with the proper sealants and finishes will ensure they enjoy a long life.



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