viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

Modern Weddings: 15 Awesome Wedding Tattoo Ideas


This months editorial theme is all about weddings and celebrating the outdoors. Our DIY projects will range from clever and crafty wedding ideas to projects that help you celebrate your backyard or local part a little bit more. When we started brainstorming wedding ideas, I thought back to all of the amazing weddings Ive had the pleasure of attending over the past few years. My favorites have been the ones that were a little different, a little less traditional and a lot of fun. One of the things Ive noticed a lot of lately are people forgoing rings or other traditional details and turning them into more permanent commitments- namely, tattoos. While its widely considered bad luck to tattoo another persons name on yourself (if youre romantically involved), Ive seen some really cool spins on the idea and thought it would be fun to share something outside of the box for our wedding month (Ive included a few temporary tattoos, too). Not everyone is into lace and flower pomanders so this is for anyone looking for a little inspiration in the other directionxo, grace Image above: XO Wrist Hug Temporary Tattoo $5 The full sources and more wedding tattoo ideas continue after the jump (more)



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