jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

14 Rustic Crafts For Your Kitchen Décor


Rustic style is very cozy and is gaining popularity very fast. Rustic kitchens look especially cozy and calm, and you can easily make some things for a rustic kitchen design without wasting much time or money. Rugs of sisal rope, clocks, dining tables, trays and backsplashes will make the base of your rustic kitchen. Pallets and natural wood are amazing materials for such crafts. Now pay attention to the details: cake stands, utensil pockets, coasters of different materials like cork, wood slices, sisal look cool, they are simple to make and your kitchen will shine with rustic chic!Similar Posts:DIY Rustic Wood Slice Coasters10 Original Wood Slices Decor Ideas20 Rustic Living Room Design IdeasHow To Make Shabby Chic Pallet Shelves25 Examples of Using Natural Wallpapers In Interior DecoratingSuper Lovely DIY Cake Stands Continue reading about 14 Rustic Crafts For Your Kitchen Décor...



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