miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

8 Cool DIY Cat Bowls And Feeders


Your pretty little fluffies should enjoy the best! That?s why today we?ll talk about the most important thing for any animal ? a feeder. A bowl for your cat is easy to make ? you can just take a ready one and personalize it for your pet using a sharpie or a bright neon bowl as a background. Wanna make it higher and more comfortable? Attach magnets to the back and put the bowl on each other ? and voila, your cat is happy! A pet station is needed when you have several pets ? and you can make it of bamboo or any other wood, or just of a low table. Below you?ll find more ideas for your cats, start creating!Similar Posts:Comfortable DIY Platform Bed With Hairpin Legs5 Cool DIY Crafts Of ScrabbleWooden Mario Inspired Fridge Magnets25 Awesome DIY Jeans And Denim Shorts For Spring And Summer41 Awesome Potting Stations For Every GardenerUnusual DIY Shelf Of An Old Piano Continue reading about 8 Cool DIY Cat Bowls And Feeders...



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