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A jewelry maker?s home in Provence filled with art, books and silk ribbons


In the small hilltop village of Lacoste in Provence, France, Ruth Ribeaucourt creates some of the most exquisite jewelry Ive ever seen. Ruth grew up in Ireland and started making jewelry when her father gifted her a toolbox filled with beads on her 10th birthday. Her father, a dentist, was an amateur jewelry maker and would drive Ruth around to scavenge at local industrial sites, and she would transform found computer circuit-boards into beads. In 2007, Ruth became engaged to a French man and as an engagement present, his grandparents presented her with a collection of antique ribbons. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she was marrying into a celebrated French silk family.  A wedding and two babies later, the couple made the move from Ireland to Lacoste, France. At one family Christmas, Ruth came across a box of breath-taking antique ribbon echantillons, small sumptious treasures, some that had been created over 120 years ago in the family?s silk factory, Les Freres Faure (now operating as Julien Faure). Where others might have closed the box and moved on, Ruth was inspired by these miniature works of art to create something that could be enjoyed today. (See her atelier here) She began collecting echantillons and passementerie trims (dating from late 19th to mid 20th century), from the family archives and crafting one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery pieces.  She combines these turn-of-the-century ribbons, heavily laden with gold thread and silk, with Swarovski crystals embellishments to create beautiful, contemporary pieces with a touch of old-school glamour. (Just last week, Ruth launched a new line of cuffs using silk from the 20s).  After years of renting in Ireland (where fully furnished rentals are the norm), the couple moved to France with very little in the way of furniture. Theyve slowly been furnishing their home with antique finds from local brocantes, car boot sales (vide greniers) and mixing it with family heirlooms. Ruth grew up in a house filled with art and she is trying to recreate the feeling of a home filled with art and books for her children. Luckily, the village is also the European base for the Savannah College of Art Design and the family supports the SCAD Lacoste students by buying at least one piece at each end of term exhibition.  Thanks Ruth, Raphael, Louis,  and Charlotte! And a big thank you to Emily Detrick for the lovely photographs -Amy  Image above: In the living room, the large oil painting is by U.S. artist Kimberly Bates. To left, two smaller female nudes by  artist Ben Readman, red papercut print just out of shot to right is an early Rob Ryan. Rug and Various cushions Ikea, Sofa Parker Knoll. On unit to left of photograph is book collection of Coralie Bickford Smith Penguin classics. Image above: Antique Glass dome with collection of antique gold passementerie trims from my family archives. Two antique ribbon collages created by me using the family ribbons set within antique French letterpress frames. See more of Ruths home in Provence, France after the jump! (more)



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