sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

Before & After: A Glossy, Glam Office Set Makeover


As soon as my boyfriend and I got the keys to our new house, we began to fill it with pieces of furniture gathered from estate sales, junk shops, and Goodwill?all of them in some form of extreme disrepair. Right now, our two most pressing projects are an antique windsor chair with wobbly legs and cracking paint and a wooden dresser with marred wood and broken drawers. Weve convinced ourselves that these projects are within our do-it-yourself wheelhouse, but it definitely helps to look at other peoples valiant Before After efforts for a boost of confidence. This project, sent to us by Krista Byers of Goodwill Glam, for example, proves that no piece of furniture is beyond redemption. Krista appears to be something of a Jedi master at turning trash into treasure, because she managed to turn two items that I would often pass over at Goodwill into a totally stylish office set. With a bit of elbow grease, Krista stripped the paint off of this garbage-picked desk and chair, sanded them down, and applied a fresh, shiny coat of paint. She even gave the desk hardware a brassy, new look and reupholstered the chair seat with a bold, striped fabric. Awesome upgrade! Check out more photos of Kristas new office set after the jump! ?Max (more)



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