viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

Cute DIY Wire Rings For Middle Phalanges


Today rings for the middle phalanges are popular because they make your hands more refined and highlight the manicure. You can easily make on using wire, pliers, some finish and rhinestones. Cut the wire of the length you need and wind the ends into some pretty pattern. If you like, you may stain the wire, or just leave as it is. Add rhinestones or any other decorations you like. Finish the craft forming a ring on some tube as making it on your own fingers won?t be comfortable. The rings are pretty and cute, you may wear them or give as gifts, for example, to your daughters.Similar Posts:DIY Wire And Silver Beads BraceletDIY Golden Stone RingDIY Beach-Inspired Crab BraceletHow To Make Easter Nest Napkin RingsHow To Make Cozy Yarn Napkin RingsHow To Make A Flower Necklace Of Epoxy Clay Continue reading about Cute DIY Wire Rings For Middle Phalanges...



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