sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

DIY Cardboard Device Holder For Charging


Charging the phones and players is almost a daily routine but sometimes we have to charge them in the places where there?s no place for your device. Where can you place it? There?s an idea of making an accessory, simple and genial! You?ll need scissors and a piece of cardboard or a piece of thick paper. Fold you cardboard and put the device inside ? look how much cardboard you need. Cut two holes for the charger, fold the cardboard and put the device inside. Now you can charge your phone or player without any problems anywhere. You can also use felt or any material you have at hand instead of cardboard. Enjoy!Similar Posts:Romantic DIY Phone Cover With Rose PetalsAwesome DIY iPhone Felt Holder For Your DadDIY Stitched Metal Bracelet8 Practical DIY Cord And Cable OrganizersOriginal DIY Embroidered SunglassesMagnets To Turn Your Fridge Into a Giant iPhone Continue reading about DIY Cardboard Device Holder For Charging...



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