sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

DIY Constellation Votives


Ah, stars. Theyre not something that I get to enjoy very often living in DC, but theyre usually out in full force when I visit my parents house in Tennessee. Their backyard outside any citys limits affords one of the clearest, most expansive, and gloriously star-filled skies around. In fact, it was in this very backyard that I got married in the summer of 2010 and under those same stars that I danced that ridiculously fun night away. I guess you could say that a starry night sort of fills my heart with all kinds of nostalgia. For me, this little candleholder project sporting a minimalist guide to the stars is a gentle reminder of the skies of my hometown. For those without the light pollution, theyd provide a stylish (and clever) stargazing guide for a relaxed backyard evening. -Mandy Pellegrin The full how-to continues after the jump (more)



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