jueves, 25 de julio de 2013

Glam DIY Flip Flops Refashion


We?ve already told you of flip flops designs and renewals, and here?s one more idea for those who love glamour. You?ll need a pair of flip flops, embellishments of the style and color you like, epoxy glue and clothes pins. Tear/clip/pull off the embellishment you don?t like. Cut the excess frayed fabric off your little embellishments.  Put some epoxy glue onto the flip flops and place your embellishments right on top. Press firmly and pinch tight with clothes pins until the epoxy glue dries completely. Now you?ve got a glam pair of flip flops for summer, be hot and stylish!Similar Posts:How To Make Colorful DIY Summer SandalsHow To Decorate Flip Flops With MacrameComfortable DIY Strappy Flip FlopsHow To Make Zipper Flip Flops21 Bright DIY Summer Sandals And Flip FlopsHow To Make A Burlap Bubble Wreath Continue reading about Glam DIY Flip Flops Refashion...



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