sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

How To Easily Decorate Your Swim Suit


We?ve already told you of some ideas how to renew your old swim suit ? both the upper and the lower part. Here?s one more idea to make your classical black swim suit cooler, and you?ll need just braided ribbon (or any other ribbon you like) of the color you need, thread and needle, pins. Take the bra and measure the ribbon you?ll need, cut it and pin to the bra. Take needle and thread and sew the ribbon to the bra. As for the panties, you?ll just sew the ribbon to the waist all around. Put on and be hot!Similar Posts:Original DIY Embroidered SunglassesFashionable DIY Chandelier With BubblesLovely DIY Recycled Cushion For A Valentines DayClassic DIY Pearl And Bow BraceletDIY Mittens With Star Space PatternDIY Rustic Vase And Candleholder Continue reading about How To Easily Decorate Your Swim Suit...



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