miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

How To Make A Chanel Inspired Necklace


This cool necklace was inspired by Chanel 2013 jewelry collection and it?s also has Parisian chic. To make it you?ll need big beads that look like pearls, pliers, small silver beads, a big chain and pins. Take a pin and put a small silver bead on it, then put a big one and fold the pin with the pliers into a hook. Now put this hook onto the chain and fold so that the pin wouldn?t fall. Continue the process until the whole chain is covered with pearls. Such a jewelry piece would be amazing for any romantic outfit. Enjoy your refined pearl necklace!Similar Posts:DIY Ring Around The Rosie BraceletClassic DIY Pearl And Bow BraceletHow To Make A Diamond NecklaceDelicate DIY Bow Hair AccessoriesDIY Beach-Inspired Crab BraceletExquisite DIY Shell Jewelry Holder Continue reading about How To Make A Chanel Inspired Necklace...



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