miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

Human/House/Harvey: Glass


Glass is one of those materials that, I feel, is often taken for granted.  We find it used in so many of our daily products, that I think we sometimes forget the uniqueness and beauty of glass possesses.  From color variations and thickness to shapes and textures, glass has to potential to take on my amazing forms, fit for your home, yourself and even your pets! Today Ive rounded up a few of my favorite glass items. Stephanie HUMAN Ive always had a fascination with glass jewelry.  Its natural and rustic, but still glimmers like a shiny jewel should.  This seafoam gem caught my eye. HOUSE I have a tendency to steer clear of glass tables.  Not only do I have an irrational fear that I will somehow cause it to smash into smithereens, I also have a pet peeve when it comes to glass smudges.  I just wont stand for them.  But (there is always a but right?) this gorgeous OTTO design from Miniforms may just be the exception. HARVEY - Just as I have my best dinnerware for special occasions, I think my Mr. Harvey deserves a set of bowls for those more formal gatherings.  These beautiful glass bowls could be the start of my pups entertaining collection.



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