jueves, 25 de julio de 2013

O?Clock by Okum Made

Design Milk

OClock is a minimalist design created by Los Angeles-based design firm Okum Made. The aesthetic of the clock is ostensibly hidden behind a beautifully molded piece of wood that is CNC machined. The tooling technique utilizes a bowl nosed tool to sculpt the inside structure. The woods that are currently being offered include American Walnut, Hard White Maple, Douglas Fir, and Cork. The designer explains The O? Clock reveals natures document of wood growth from a different perspective. The man-made geometric lines imposed on the wood acts to frame the unique lines of nature. A distilled purity in the use of form, material and modern manufacturing, the O? Clock is a functional timepiece with elements of iconic design and raw craft. I am amazed by how much difference there is between each wood material. The Douglas Fir has an almost illusionary aesthetic given its heavy contrasts from the woods natural texture. There are also variations to the colors on the hands of the clock as well. The internals use the USA-made Quartz mechanism.



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