sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

Page Turner Placemat + Runner


When it comes to table linens, I tend to like something pretty simple. Almost always linen (despite the pain it can be to clean it) and almost always something solid, or with an incredibly minimal print. But every now and then Im tempted by something a little whimsical with a photo-realistic print or clever saying. These Page Turner designs at Anthropologie are a great example. They look like rows of book spines, arranged in a beautiful fade from purple to a pale blue-green. As much as I love a color-coded book shelf, theyre not always the most functional. So these would be a nice way to indulge in that trend without always having to remember what color the spine of your favorite book is. The placemat is sold for $12 right here and the runner is $32 right here (both are cotton). Heres to dinner parties and great summer reading xo, grace



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