jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Vintage-Inspired DIY Constellation Coasters


Are you interested in cosmos? Do you like to watch stars? Constellations and nebulae look very romantic. We?ve already made a nebula pillow and now it?s time for some cool constellation coasters. The supplies are print outs, white ceramic tiles, felt stickers, mod podge, spray shellac, an exacto blade, a pencil, a foam brush, a gold leaf pen or paint pen. Turn your tile over and with a pencil and blade, cut the shapes out from the print out. Use a marker to color the edges, and do a small border on the top so that the white won?t be visible at all on the top. Do an even coat of mod podge over the whole tile. Quickly and delicately, place your cut out on one end of the tile, lining up the edges. The rest of the tutorial is here, enjoy!Similar Posts:Amazing DIY Art Book Decoupaged TableHow To Make A Gold Honey Bear VaseDIY Fall Leaves BowlDIY Scalloped Sunglasses CaseColorful DIY Drink Coasters Of TilesGatsby Inspired DIY Jewelry Box Continue reading about Vintage-Inspired DIY Constellation Coasters...



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