sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

A Leaf-Covered House Grows in London

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A private home in Mayfair, London gets a striking new exterior in the form of over 4,000 folded aluminum leaves in various shades of bronze. London-based Squire and Partners were tasked with designing a house while being sensitive to the historic location with it being in the Mayfair Conservation Area that required prior approval. The scope of the project involved renovating an existing 18th century facade that faces Waverton Street, along with designing a new building made up of three connected buildings to create one cohesive home. The results are a home that consists of five bedrooms, a swimming pool, gymnasium, cinema, rooftop pavilion, and two separate roof terraces, all hidden behind that eye-catching facade. After many variations (see below), a contemporary interpretation of a leaf shape was designed and constructed as a metal shingle. Each folded aluminum leaf is PPC coated and varies in tone to reflect true leaf color. The concept took three years to design and develop with the help of Swiss manufacturer Tuchschmid. The overall pattern creates such a cool texture and look to the side of a building that might otherwise be pretty simple. And just in case youre wondering, the interior is just as interesting and spectacular as the exterior! Precendents Concept progression Photos by Gareth Gardner. Interior design by Bill Bennette.



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