sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

Girlish DIY Bracelet Camera Strap


We?ve told you how to make some camera straps and how to make a girlish version for a small camera? Lets make a strap that doesnt look like a usual one but like a bracelet, its not for your neck but for your hands. You?ll need needle and thread, elastic thread, beads and thin thread. Roll the elastic thread forming 4 rings of 10 cm in diameter. Insert your beads, 3 in each ring. Sew the rings together and then in the same point sew the thin thread. Now you?ve got a great camera strap that reminds of a bracelet very much and looks cool. Enjoy!Similar Posts:DIY Adjustable Bra Strap BraceletCasual DIY Leather Camera Strap20 Cool DIY Camera StrapsDIY Word Bracelet With TasselCool DIY Leather Camera StrapDIY Little Leather Journal Necklace Continue reading about Girlish DIY Bracelet Camera Strap...



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