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KOR NAVA Water Bottle: The Bottled Water Killer

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Back in 2008, I discovered a blue and white water bottle that would totally change me from a disposable bottle drinker to a bottle-toting convert for life but I kept it mostly to myself until 2009, when I wrote about it here. The KOR ONE bottle went everywhere I went?yoga, the gym, out shopping, and tons of people would stop and compliment me on it and ask me where I got it. At that time, KOR Water was a fledgling company. I dont even remember how I discovered them, but I am so glad I did. Since then, Ive been following them as theyve grown into a boutique water bottle?er?hydration vessel company focused on design and functionality. They dont create throwaway bottles theyre much more determined to change your habits and make you feel like your water bottle is a proud accessory you wear and use. Their latest bottle called NAVA has been deemed the bottled water killer because not only is it a beautiful, sporty and edgy water bottle, but its got a coconut carbon filter inside that filters out all the chlorine and odors and other yucky stuff you might find in the tap or a local water fountain. Its certainly not the first water bottle to have a carbon filter. However, whats great about this bottle?and Im speaking from experience because I got my hands on one?is that its durable, solid, beautiful PLUS the functionality is spot on. If youve ever tried drinking from other water bottles with carbon filters, you might notice its really hard to suck the water out, or you have to squeeze the bottle with KORs new NAVA bottle, you dont feel like youre drinking out of a filtered bottle; the water just flows like any other sport bottle. You can appreciate all the time and research that went into making this bottle. The thing that I have always been most frustrated about when it comes to carbon filtered water bottles has been remembering to replace the filter. You have to replace it every 3 months and, for some reason that just seems like an annoyance to me. I will never remember and my water will go back to tasting icky again. However, KOR has come up with a solution to combat this: theyve created the first ever water bottle filter subscription service. So now, you can sign up and get your filters delivered as you need them?set it and forget it. Or, choose to get an email when its time to order a new filter. The choice is yours. You can pre-order NAVA here.



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