lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Handmade from Chile


Good Monday morning ... it is Christine from House of C bringing you a new quick start for Bloesem. It s great to be hear and you will probably see me more often as I am going to be a regular contributor for Bloesem Living. I will bring you new collections from different interior design brands ... if you feel you should be featured here to please drop me an email!But let s start with Minka inhouse from Chile ... for a long time now, I have this love for handmadekitchen and home accessories. So what a joy it was when I recently discoveredMinka Inhouse-Handmade from Santiago, Chile. All items are locally designed andproduced. Minka is passionate about creating joy and making people feel athome. Contemporary patterns combined with craftsmanship make this brand adefined wannahave! Check out their catalogue, it s really lovely! All images via Olivia Larrain .. Minka inhouse{Guest post by Christine from House of C}



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