jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

How To Refashion Your Old Umbrella: 11 Ideas


Its always raining in the fall and everybody is hurrying up somewhere with an umbrella, so why not make it original to accentuate your look? If you have a stylish transparent or just one-color umbrella, you can just write some words with permanent markers in the colors you like. A galaxy painted inside your umbrella will show you the starry sky even if it?s raining hard and you can?t see any real stars. A polka dot or a striped umbrella is an elegant idea for any girl. A splattered umbrella is great ? it reminds of Pollock works! You can paint colorful rain on the piece to make even rainy days colored. Funny animals are great not only for kids but also for girls. Look how to realize these ideas below and enjoy rainy days!Similar Posts:5 Stylish Umbrella Stands For Your Hallway12 Amazing DIY Halloween Cupcake ToppersDIY Rain Boots Garden On A Fence5 Room Designs For Two Girls And Their LayoutsUnique Wooden Wall Clocks Shaped Like Jungle Animal HeadsAmazing Girl Room Renovation Continue reading about How To Refashion Your Old Umbrella: 11 Ideas...



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