jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Mourne Textiles


If theres a single type of artwork or homegood that I most frequently invest in, its textiles. From handmade throws to beautifully made bedding, Ive learned after ten years of working in the design that fabrics and anything thats sewn by hand means the most to me. So when I heard from Mario about his familys recently re-launched family hand loom weaving workshop in Northern Ireland, I was instantly intrigued. Marios family has been hand-weaving tweeds, furnishing fabrics and rugs since the 50s, when his grandmother was designing and producing their goods. (Side note: you have got to read the full story of her background, its incredible). Mario has been working to bring his grandmothers original designs back into production, staying as true as possible to her original plans. That meant getting yarns spun from scratch (not buying them from the shelf) and using traditional techniques. With a history of clients like Robin Day, Hille, Conran, Sybil Connolly and Liberty, Mourne Textiles is hoping to continue with a bright future, now focusing on teaching younger apprentices hand weaving. They are the last remaining production hand loom weaving workshop left in Northern Ireland and after reading their full history I was overwhelmed with the desire to visit in person. Ive never been to Ireland, but looking at these pieces and reading about the incredible woman who founded this company, its inspiration enough to start saving. The line theyre currently offering includes throws, pillows (my favorite) and a gorgeous rug. You can click here to check them out online and order, or contact Mario and his family here for more information or to visit their South London studio. Thanks so much to Mario for reaching out and sharing his familys story with us. xo, grace (more)



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