martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Paper-flowers and Bubblevases


Hi, morning everyone! It s Zara starting a new week here at Bloesem Living ... everyone loves having some fresh flowers around the house, they brighten the house up and make us happy when we catch sight of them while we rush about through out the day. Sadly, no matter how well we take care of fresh flowers, we have to face the harsh reality that they don t last long and soon we are left with a brown unsightly arrangement.This year the Jorine Oosterhoff has came up with Paperflowers which were based on the concept of flowers you can keep forever... and that is exactly what I would do with these beautiful designs! They come in so many colors, designs and patterns, and would look gorgeous in any home! (especially somebody like me, with no ability to keep any kind of plants alive!)Let s not forget about the amazing bubblevases the paperflowers are captured in in these photos! Inspired by soap bubbles, Jorine set out to capture their temporary beauty in these vases. Jorine captures the short-lived beauty of both the soap bubbles and flowers perfectly, we can t take our eyes of them! Merging food and fantasy, her landscape cutlery would be great tools for getting children to eat their food.Last year Bloesem was lucky enough to meet the duo from Burojet, Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam. Check out the interview and home tour here...  .. Jorine Oosterhoff 



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