sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

10 Heartwarming Rescue Books


Back in April, life in our D*S family changed forever when Grace adopted Hope. (Heres Grace getting the news!) Weve always been strong supporters of rescues Max has two rescues of his own and Grace already had a rescue cat. After spending the spring and summer, photographing pets around Boston, just two weeks ago, photographer Li Ward published Rescue Pets of Boston which features pets rescued from shelters around the country and made their way to Boston. It was such a great project that we decided to highlight other books that tell the story of rescuing animals in America. There are so many amazing folks who make this their lives work. These books show what a difference an individual can make in the life of animal and in the life of a human.  -Amy Image above: Rescue Pets of Boston Image above: Photo Book Set: Deaf Dogs, Rescued in America and Pit Bull Book See all our rescue book picks after the jump! (more)



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