domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

12 Awesome Christmas Place Card Holders


What place card holders will you use for your Christmas dinner? We?ve gathered several ideas for you to make ones! These ideas will help you to accentuate the table setting and continue the style of the party. A beautiful ribbon and pearls Christmas tree place card holder is a sophisticated idea for those who are looking for luxury. Ornaments as place card holders is the most popular idea today ? choose any you like and attach the cards to them ? almost no time is spent for the craft! Pinecones ? painted or not ? are also a very cool and rustic idea. You can also make a fire starter of them and attach a card. Take some twigs, glue them and place the card in between ? voila, the holder is ready! Look for more cool tutorials below and Merry Christmas!Similar Posts:10 DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas19 Original DIY Christmas Cards22 Amazing DIY Valentine?s Day CardsHow To Decorate Pinecones For Fall14 Simple DIY Father?s Day Cards5 Ideas To Decorate With Spray Painted Pinecones Continue reading about 12 Awesome Christmas Place Card Holders...



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