sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

21 Awesome Crocheted DIYs For Cozy Home Décor


Crocheted things are sooooo cozy! In fall and winter crocheted pieces will give your home a sweet and warm look, and that?s very important. If you are good at crocheting, then these DIYs won?t take much time or efforts and will make your home comfy. Start from crocheting cool rugs with different patterns, they are suitable for any room ? from a kitchen to a bathroom. Crochet baskets for different things: food, clothes, accessories or kids? toys, and, by the way, you can also crochet the toys themselves. Crochet lampshades and some smaller things like pencil cases, planter and glass cozies and coasters, of course! Look for some more ideas and patterns below.Similar Posts:16 Cool Colorful Yarn Crafts10 Cool DIY Fall Coasters Of Different MaterialsCrocheted DIY Bowl For Soap Or TowelsCozy DIY Crocheted Lampshade10 Ideas To Make Cool Christmas Coasters15 Cute Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas Continue reading about 21 Awesome Crocheted DIYs For Cozy Home Décor...



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