sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

2nd Dibs

Design Crisis

First of all, thank you for tuning in for the One Room Challenge series and sorry about the technical snafus brought on by extra traffic Im working on some hosting ch-ch-changes. Anyway, after spending six straight weeks cranking out decorating-as-spectator-sport posts, Im still feeling a little frenzy whipped. The pace was INSANE. But the whole experience was super fun and I learned a lot and I also bought a lot of stuff along the way. When I say a lot, I mean I cant park my car in the garage anymore and my husband is pissed offus maximus. Lets review just a few fruits of my recent shopping labors, shall we?If you follow me on instagram, then you already know I scored these vintage Italian arc lamps at Round Top a while back. My buying inhibitions were precipitously low on the day we hit the market so I have a smidge of buyers remorse over a few things, but not these. I do need to call around and get some plating estimates, though. Anyone have experience with brass replating?Whilst at Round Top I also bought this 80s painting by a Dallas artist that dealers kept going nuts for, but I cant remember his name and the vaguely legible signature is not helping me track down any info.I do know that basking in the glow of that mustache might give me sunburn. I can tell this is a really good painting wish I could figure out who done it. I also wish a new frame would jump up on that because birch wood is not doing the dude any favors.Not content to buy just one (million) paintings, I also nabbed this Jenny Andrews Anderson jellyfish inspired masterpiece. Cant wait to get it in my house and figure out where Abyss wants to live. I keep selling all my good stuff to clients when they bat their cute little eyelashes, but this one is mine.Meanwhile this picture is full of stuff I plan to sell. I already sold the needlepoints and you may recall that the cobras and black vase were employed in the service of my dinette reveal. I know someone out there desperately needs a giant brass boot vase right? And I am dying to do a super chic moody kid room with those silly Master Simpson and Chums prints in them. I hope the child bearing world is listening to my pleas.And then theres this. At a flea market I spied with my gimlet eye a filthy ice bucket Im not sure what turned my head, but I bought it and what do you know? Its a beat up Christofle piece designed by Luc Lanel in the 30s. The pits and dings were really bugging me for a while, but Im starting to love the patina.So to summarize, I have way too much stuff. This is not even a teeny tiny molecular fraction of the stuff thats wrapped up in the garage. Apparently I cant stop buying things for clients, so Im wondering if I should rent a storage unit? Would that make me a hoarder? Is it too late for that anyway? Should I open an Etsy shop? Would people buy my junque?I even have one of these lying about. I have EVERYTHING.Off to catalog and inventory the warehouse. Send in the jaws of life if you dont hear from me in a week.Related posts:Round Top Round Up Part 2Round Top Roundup: Spring 2010I Call Dibs!



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