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A first apartment in Brooklyn


Although it looks like shes been living here for years, Taylor Anne, only moved into this Crown Heights, Brooklyn apartment three months ago. In fact, she moved to New York City  just four short months ago. Taylor moved to New York from Bloomington, Indiana where she worked for a trio of indie record labels, and she came to New York for her dream job with J.Crew and Madewell. While apartment hunting, she crashed on various friends sofas for a few days at a time. She wanted to take her time to find a place that felt like home and where she could put her own personal stamp on, and it worked out. She found a neighborhood she loved and in the process learned a lot about navigating the city as she jumped from couch to couch and neighborhood to neighborhood. This is the first place Taylor has even lived where she got to see from start to finish and therefore, feels more like home than anywhere else. Even though shes only 25, Taylor has been collecting objects for her home as long as she can remember. She finally has a place to put everything she loves. And now, in her new city, she can come home at the end of a long day and feel instantly relaxed. Pretty impressive. Thanks, Taylor! -Amy Image above: I still don?t know quite how this room came together, but it did.  Having the space for a queen-size bed, dresser, desk, AND wardrobe kind of threw me for a loop.  It?s actually the biggest bedroom I?ve ever had. I just searched antique stores for the pieces that I needed, and luckily, they all seem to work together just fine. My desk is actually an old outdoor table base with a painted wooden top thrown on it instead of its original glass one. (Annie Sloan paints were used for this particular project) Image above After I found my apartment, I was desperately looking for a new light to replace the standard dome-shaped one on the ceiling in the living room.  I saw a real knock-out white faux-antler chandelier in the window of an interior design shop in Manhattan, and knew I had to find some version of it that fit into my budget (I assure you, the one in the store window did not.) I had zero luck doing so here in the city, but when I went back to Indiana to pick up the rest of my belongings a month later, I found the one pictured at my favorite antique store back home for $50. It was meant to be. I really felt like a true New Yorker when I purchased this rug.  I found it in Chelsea in the discount bin of a store for $80 (a total steal.) The sales clerk even made a comment about the price and told me I should buy it, run for the border, and never look back. She said jut to replace the word border with Brooklyn and that?s exactly what I did. Even though it was roughly 100 degrees outside, I threw the rug over my shoulder, carried it to the subway, and have been admiring it on my floor ever since. See more of Taylors Brooklyn apartment after the jump! (more)



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