martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

A Jewelry Designer?s Canadian Sublet


Ive been all over the leather clutch trend that is popping up on fashion blogs and while I have a few clutch favorites, I dont really trust myself not to lose anything thats not attached to me in some way, which is why I love Scout Catalogues clutches that combine the best of both worlds simple leather bag + handle. Designer Breanna Musgrove grew up in Vancouver, Canada but only just moved back to the city (from Mexico and then Toronto) earlier this year. As she eases back into Vancouver life, shes been subletting a few places. Today, Breanna is giving us a peek into one of her sublets. The apartment is home to her friend (and current SC model), Aiya Feldman. While Aiya spent a couple of months in Europe, Breanna set up base camp in Aiyas large turn-of-the-20th-century apartment. Its a funky little place filled with charming details like the patio that runs outside the kitchen window you have to literally crawl out the window over the kitchen table to get to it. Once youre there, its worth it. Aiya has set up the space with benches, tiny lights, glass lanterns and lots of beautiful plants its the perfect place to escape the summer heat with a book or catch up with a friend. One of the best aspects to living in the apartment was that its located in the same building as my Breannas Scout Catalogue  studio so she was able to head to work in my pyjamas every morning with cat Bruce Wayne at her heels. -Amy Image above: The rooms are filled with vintage pieces and Craigslist finds that are all brought together with a feminine eye. Nearly every corner of the apartment is filled with small vignettes which often center around personal photos and momentos that are highlighted with silk flowers, crystals or lush plants. The space is cluttered but cozy and as decor goes, like Aiya herself, there is never a dull moment. See more of this Vancouver home after the jump! (more)



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