domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

A Wall-Mounted Calendar Made From LEGO Bricks

Design Milk

The trio of creatives that founded Vitamins, a design and invention studio in London, racked their brains thinking of how people stay organized and the best way that they themselves could remain on task. This led to The LEGO Calendar, a large and visible way to keep themselves and their projects organized. Take a look: Due to the partners being on the road a lot, they needed something that could work on- and offline, while being easy to understand. Their solution a wall-mounted calendar made completely with LEGO bricks that laid out three months of the year. Each horizontal gray board represents a month and each column symbolizes a day. All of their projects are assigned a specific color of LEGO and each brick represents 1/2 of a business day. Every team member gets their own LEGO person that shows their line on the calendar. So what happens when someones not in the office? Well, they thought of that too. They designed software that automatically synchronizes the actual calendar to their digital one in the cloud. Its as simple as taking a photo of the LEGO calendar with your phone and emailing it to a special address. Their software then scans through the photo and automatically detects whats going on and updates the digital calendar. Genius, right?



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