jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

Adorable DIY Fabric Star Ornament


This ornament of fabric is a real art piece, making it is not so easy but it?s a beautiful thing. The supplies are a polystyrene ball, fat 1/8th of three fabrics dark, medium, and light, sequin pins, ribbon, a fabric glue pen. Prepare the fabric by cutting: medium fabric (blue) cut 10 squares measuring 2 1/2 inches, light fabric (grey) cut 16 square measuring 2 1/2 inches, dark fabric (red) cut 16 squares measuring 2 1/2 inches. Press all the fabric squares into triangles. Open up a piece of medium fabric (blue) and pin in place on the ball. To read the rest of the tutorial, look here and finish the ornament.Similar Posts:Stylish DIY Halloween CountdownBlack And White DIY Skull String ArtGatsby Inspired DIY Jewelry BoxDIY Powder Plaster Candle VotivesDIY Anthropologie Leather JournalDIY Mosaic Ornaments Of Old CDs Continue reading about Adorable DIY Fabric Star Ornament...



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