lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

After the Jump: 14 Ways to Financially Support an Online Publication


This week I had a rough couple of days at the office where I found myself reminded of that old expression, You can get hit with the carrot or you can get hit with the stick. After a few clear taps with a carrot over the past year, Ive been aware that the method of supporting blogs, online magazines and other digital publishing ventures was probably going to need to change- or at least diversify- but it took a couple bumps this week to make me feel like Id finally been hit with the stick and needed to make some changes. When I am struggling the most with the bigger picture issues at work, I tend to turn to my radio show. Much like the Biz Ladies articles that I used to write on my own, these longer form outlets give me a place to talk about issues, work through pressing concerns and brainstorm about possible solutions. So rather than letting a stumbling block become bigger than it needs to be, I decided to go on-air with Amy yesterday and discuss the realities of financially supporting an online publication. Whether youre a new blogger, online magazine writer or social media expert, these issues and ideas affect all of us. Even if running an online publication is old-hat to you now, technology and expectations are constantly changing and I think its time that all of us in control of online businesses take a good look at the way the traditional system (online advertising) works for us. Not just how it affects our editorial content, but how it affects work flow, our happiness and our audiences perception of our publications. Rather than just air a bunch of issues, I decided to share 14 different options (and combinations of them) that weve seen tested out in the market. From producing print content to licensing, subscriptions, donations, public speaking, book writing and crowd-funding, Amy and I discussed all of the ways were seeing people test out in an effort to diversify their sources of income and support their businesses. Wed love to hear your thoughts, as readers and business owners, on all of these different support models. Do you tire of advertising? Would you prefer subscriptions for blogs? Would you prefer people posted less online and provided more varied content options like print magazines, videos and events? Were curious and fascinated by it all, so please feel free to chime in! xo, grace LISTEN: You can download the podcast on iTunes here, or stream it here on Heritage Radio



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