lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Beautiful DIY Leaf Decor


To give salute to the leaving fall let?s make a beautiful leaf craft of the leaves you?ve gathered this autumn! You?ll need leaves, aluminum foil, spray adhesive, inexpensive matte black, spray paint, grade zero soft steel. Spray adhesive to your mounting surface and the front of the leaves. Gently press the leaves to the surface, vein side up. Spray another coat of adhesive to the surface, over the leaves. Place aluminum foil on top of the leaves, with the shiny side up. With fingers rub over the leaves to reveal the leaf textures and textures of the mounting surface. Spray an even coat of the spray paint on top of the foil and let dry. Look here to find out how to finish the craft and enjoy!Similar Posts:Awesome DIY Leaf-Patterned TableclothDIY Chic and Glamorous Dresser RenovationHow To Make Pretty Roses from Maple LeavesDIY Fern Canvas Wall Art To Bring Some Nature InsideDIY Fall Leaves BowlHow To Make A Gold Honey Bear Vase Continue reading about Beautiful DIY Leaf Decor...



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