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Before & After: An Awkward Walk-Through Becomes A Beautiful Nautical Nursery


When I was nine years old, my family moved from a small cottage on Buffalos west side to a slightly larger home a few blocks away. The house, converted from a duplex and left abandoned for several years, was in epic need of repair?rooms needed to be gutted, windows were broken, there was no functional plumbing or electrical, and there was a giant hole in the ceiling between the first and second floors.  My father, a relentless tinkerer, took this fixer-upper as an opportunity to live all of his home-reconstruction fantasies?ripping out old walls, completely rebuilding the bathrooms, and knocking off the homes back stairs to make room for a back yard. Through all of these reconstruction efforts, my father (and our team of slightly incompetent contractors) managed to leave the house with one glaring problem. Between my father, mother, sister, and me, there were only two bedrooms. In the apparent stupor brought on by renovation excitement and construction adhesive exposure, my father (bless his heart) decided that my sister and I would be able to share a bedroom. Until I graduated high school. Recognizing this grave error, I spent the next few years of my life alternating between makeshift bedrooms in whatever space I saw fit. After learning that our homes terrifying basement and wash room were pretty much uninhabitable, I made the decision to move into our second floor alcove. A remnant of the homes upstairs  living room, this space functioned as a bit of a limbo space, a walkthrough that led to all of the second floors rooms. Undeterred, I put my thinking cap on, installed a giant curtain as a fourth wall, and turned this crazy awkward space into a semi-functional bedroom?one that saw me through graduation. All of this is to say?Ive got MAD RESPECT for anybody who has the imagination or patience to turn their homes awkward, Frankensteinian spaces into functional, beautiful rooms. Take Marina Dupler, of Marquette, Michigan, for example. When she and her husband learned that they were expecting a child, they decided to get creative when it came to carving out a nursery space in their home. Lacking enough actual rooms for a nursery, the couple decided that a previously unused walkthrough was their best bet. There are three doors in the room, Marina notes, One leading to our room, one to the guest room, and one to a fire escape. After a bit of sprucing up, though, the couple was able to kill two birds with one stone?transforming this previously awkward space into a beautiful, functional nursery. With the gender of the baby unknown, Marina and her husband used the word meaningful along with a whimsical stuffed whale guide their decorating decisions. The end result is a beautiful, nautical-themed space, perfectly sized to accommodate their new daughter, Ruby. Check out the rest of the photos plus Marinas design notes after the jump! ?Max (more)



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