sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

Before & After: A Small, Shabby London Kitchen Gets A Chic Update


Phil Shakespeare is an upholster and refinisher of vintage furniture by trade, so he knows a think or two about restoring old things to their former glory. When he moved into his 1930s London flat, it was in desperate need of an update. The previous tenant, a stage actor who had been living in the flat since the 1960s, had a particularly funky sense of style?charming in its own retro-chic kind of way, but not quite in line with Phils own sensibilities. The kitchen, a cramped alcove space, featured decidedly outdated avocado cabinets, faux stone floors, and a dearth of usable storage space. After rolling up his sleeves and getting to work, Phil was able to remodel his kitchen in a way that made it more functional, spacious, and beautiful. Ill admit, a part of me was sad to see those kitsch-tastic cabinets go, but the final results awesome-ness outweighs the kitchens previous iteration by a long shot?with fabulous butcher block countertops, loads more storage space, and some truly ingenious object re-apropriations (a pendant light made from a photo enlarger lamp, anyone??), this teensie kitchen packs quite the punch. Check out the rest of the photos and Phils design notes after the jump! ?Max (more)



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