sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

Before and After: Bathroom Makeover Using Tape


As much as I love huge elaborate makeovers, Im really a fan of those little things you can do in an afternoon that make your home seem brighter. Lizabeth Rogers was in love with x-decals from Urban Walls and decided to take matters in her own hands, literally, and make her own. I also love the fact that this isnt the perfect DIY, Lizabeth suggests that we learn from her, and use washi tape instead of electrical tape. But sometimes, you just need to use what you have at the moment youre ready to make a change. Thanks, Lisabeth!   -Amy Materials metal ruler one roll of washi tape, color of your choice (From Lizabeth:  I used electrical tape. According to some people, this is a big no-no. But, I couldn?t get my hands on black washi tape, and I live in a bungalow, so I do what I want. You do it the right way, though. With washi tape.) scissors See the full how-to after the jump! (more)



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