domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

Best of: Thanksgiving Baking + Dessert Recipes


Theres no denying that we have a sweet tooth here at Design Sponge.  Dessert is definitely my favorite part of Thanksgiving, and most holidays.  A pie or cake are also easy dishes to bake and take if youre a guest during the holidays, or even if you just want one (or a selection!) for your own celebration.  Weve put together a collection of great ideas from our archives that well hope you make, adapting to whats in season where you live, as necessary.  Well do a Christmas baking round up next month.  Happy Thanksgiving!  -Kristina Cherokee Rose Pound Cake Pound cake is one of my favorite holiday treats, and a pretty dangerous one.  I eat tiny paper thin slices, convincing myself they arent so caloric, until there is no cake left to slice  Nicole Taylors Cherokee Rose Pound Cake is a southern beauty.  It is moist, uniquely and delicately flavored, and keeps well. See our other favorite cakes and pies after the jump! (more)



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