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BN0032 Steel Range by Braun

Design Milk

The Braun BN0032 Steel Range is a minimalist timepiece designed by German-based company Braun. I recently received the watch thanks to Ameico, Brauns current distributor of their watch collection within the United States. I rarely commit to a hands-on review unless it is a product I truly admire, and this is one of them. The most notable point to mention is the fact that the watch in black is $225, and the watch in white is only $200. With the prestige of Dieter Rams influence on Brauns various timepieces, it is a small price to pay for a classic design. The watch is on the thinner side, but due to the steel construction, feels a bit weightier than expected. The unboxing was restive since the watch looked so beautifully prestine enclosed within the hard plastic casing. Once removed, the clamp plate required a bit of fiddling before it was finally opened up to adjust the sizing of the steel bracelet. There are subtle indents on the backside of the bracelet indicating where the plate can be clamped. The crown was easily adjustable, and has two simple settings to adjust either the date or the clock. With some of my other watches, I can feel certain parts of the watch pressing against my skin, irritating my wrist, but with the Braun, it feels completely seamless. This is not the type of watch I look forward to taking off once I get home I wear this watch when I go outside, when I shower, and when I sleep. The watch has definitely received a lot of attention from people who recognize the design, but otherwise has a quiet, unpretentious demeanor that I very much appreciate. If you are in the market for a watch that is inexpensive, well-designed, and comfortable, I would highly recommend the BN0032 Steel Range by Braun. Photography by Denton Zhou



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