sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

Book Review: House Proud by Valorie Hart


House Proud: Unique Home Design, Louisiana is like a tour of some of the state s coolest, chicest homes. A more articulate summary can be found at Amazon, where you can purchase the book: Experience the joy of decor and design, restoration and rebirth, color and comfort - all in the enchanting locale of Louisiana. A New Orleans-based interior designer, Valorie Hart expertly leads a private tour of the most fashionable homes in the state. Sara Essex Bradley s photographs document the personality of Louisiana s homes, from the formal Greek revival house to the warm Creole cottage, the pre-Civil war beauty to the kitschy 50s-style ranch, the grand Victorian to the modern urban loft. This is not simply a design inspiration book, but rather a thoughtful compilation of homeowners personal stories of restoring and redesigning their dream houses - the stories of the house-proud. Here are some of my favorite photos, by Sara Essex Bradley. I think her photography style was a perfect match for this project.I LOVE this living room. The ceiling to floor hallway/art gallery, the fawn inspired rug, and the picture hung over the bookcase. I don t know why - I m just a sucker for that.The cypress ceilings are original to this home. And check out the checkered floors. Drool.All in all, this book is a glamorous tribute to Louisiana homes, and even if you ve never been, there s plenty of eye candy to be appreciated!



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